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Re: The road to Infinity. My diary.

@TheTvMan wrote:



May I ask do you think that that using the newest hardware blob which lacks the dynamic bitswapping could have an adverse effect on the lines recovery? I am guessing that the latest blob must push the modem to connect at a higher rate somehow, an therfore potentially cause more harm than good in specific circumstances.




I tried the new BLOB on my lower speed connection, which increased DS sync speed by around 1Mb.

I didn't see any adverse effects at all. Other errors actually seemed to reduce.


I only reverted to the original BLOB to compare my connection's performance like for like with how it was a few months ago.


I'm not sure how it works, but it does seem to halve the 'Shared' bitloading in the lowest band & remove it altogether from higher up the frequency tones.


Maybe it dedicates more tones to downstream bitloading?


Line & Signal attenuation did increase by around 2dB in the highest frequency D3 band, but as my connection is too long to actually use any of that band due to high attenuation it didn't matter anyway.


Attenuation shouldn't really change like that, so maybe it's just that it is calculated/reported differntly via the new BLOB.

It did return to previous levels when reverting to the original BLOB.


The only comment I have is that if you are waiting for something to change/improve of its own accord, swapping kit and/or firmware may just mislead you & if it does improve, you would be left wondering if it was the new BLOB or line conditions that had improved.



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