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Things you should know about BT Business

1) Once you have signed up with BT business terminating your contract will cost as much as staying with them. It is then no longer in BT's interest to keep you as a customer.

2) BT Business does not offer 24/7 support as advertised on their website. They do not support non-buisness hours and actually offer less support than not business lines.

3) BT Business that has an automated mechanism that interrupts internet traffic without motification unless you happen to use your web browser. This means if you are using broadband for streaming etc you will never know why your service is disrupted. This mechanism activates BEFORE your payment date so you will not realise there is a problem.

4) If there is a problem with your account it is BT's policy not to contact you about it. They expect you to contact them. You will know to do this after battling for hours of trying to get your non-browser service to work.

5) If BT tells you that your bank declined your Direct Debit phone your bank. In my case I set up one direct debit, was effectively cut off as described above. Set up a second concurrent debit to ensure it didn't happen again. Instead of creating a second direct debit they cancelled the first one (despite blatantly lying and saying it was a banking problem).

6) When they sign you up you are not guranteed any of the services advertised on the website when they say "broadband" they mean a physical connection that an openreach engineer will say "yup he's connected". That you cannot connect to anything is your problem.

Here's how the mechanism works. You get a bill that has no detail. In fact it's called "summary" you cannot see what you are paying for. BT calls your bank and cancells your set up direct debit. BT then blocks your internet traffic after hours so that by the time the phone lines open in the morning you are desperate. This happens BEFORE your payment date is due (in my first occurance 2 days and in my last occurance 6 days). BT then demands immediate payment even though you haven't got a clue what you are paying for or even how much. BT's "caring" customer service are rude, aggressive. patronising and talk over you so you can't even explain. They will tell you pay your bill or we will cut you off and add charges. There is no doubt after that .... you are the helpless small business and they are the giant and might is right.

Yes I have reported BT to the advertising standards authority. Yes I have laid a case againt them with the Ombudsman. With is as a prelude to civil action since they have now cost my business in excess of £6000 in lost earnings.

It is with no surprise that I read in the news today that there is a "hole" in their pension.... 

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Re: Things you should know about BT Business

Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As  you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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Re: Things you should know about BT Business

Nice post. Pity it is irrelevant on this forum which is for BT Residential customers not BT Business users.

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