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Think i may have my internet traffic managed?


I'm on Bt Infinity 2, the contract was taken out a couple years ago.

everything was good until september 13 when my internet speed dropped consideraby, this was sorted out and solved but when i download any files from teh net i average about 800kb

my connection speed is 50mb down 15 up (so bt wholesale speed test says)

i've contacted bt just before christmas and they sent me a new hub hopign that this will solve the issue, it has'nt.

also asked bt about being traffic managed, which they say they dont do anymore although running glasnost test has confirmed that i am.

also re-installed windows and attempted after install still the same results.

have spoekn to their tech guys and there're going to send engineer out to confirm what i'm saying.


had a call from bt soon after as a curtisy call then after explaining everything to them was told that there's nothing they can do for.


anyone got any suggestions what going on?

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Re: Think i may have my internet traffic managed?

If you contracted before Feb 2013 you would be on Unlimited broadband. This means you have unlimited data upload and download limits. It does not mean that your connection will not be limited at peak times.


If you contracted after Feb 2013 you should be on Totally Unlimited. This means you have unlimited data uploads and download and you will not be limited at peak times.


If you re-contracted after Feb 2013 you may not have been automatically put onto Totally Unlimited unless you asked for it when you re-contracted.


If you have not re-contracted and are on a rolling monthly contract you will be on what ever package you were last contracted on.


Telephone the Options Team on 0800 800 030 and ask them what package you are on and if need be you may need to re-contract to put you on Totally Unlimited. If you have any problems post back here for further advice.

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