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Thinking about ordering but........


We have had fibre installed on our road (rural location) and there is now fibre to an 'in ground' junction box beside our gated entrance to the property. BT checks confirm we can have their full fibre 900 product.

However our house is some 300 yards from our gate and there is no fibre cable between these 2 points. I've been told by various call handlers at BT that upon ordering, Openreach will install the line from our gate to our house at no cost to us.

When I first went to order fibre broadband with BT online I was asked to pick a date for an engineers inspection. Unfortunately I did not complete the order at this time. Now re-visting the BT website and looking to order the full fibre broadband again online and completing the address verification process, BT's system is now saying we have the 'white box modem' in the property and is no longer asking me to select an engineers inspection date.

I am worried that if I order this BT will just send us the kit to install ourselves and just connect us externally, in the belief we are connected when we are not.

I then foresee weeks/months of arguing and being passed around (the BT bounce) trying to get BT to understand the problem and if I can convince BT that we are not connected, we'll be faced with a large bill to install the fibre cable from our gate to our house.

Your sales agents on the phone seem very sales focused, just wanting the sale and I remain unconvinced that they either understand the issue/concern,.

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Re: Thinking about ordering but........

There won't be a charge for install. There is no self install option for FTTP.  Give the FTTP team a ring to sort out your order. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Thinking about ordering but........

Ok lets give it go.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

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