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Thinking of moving to BT for Fibre broadband, have concerns about Torrents, service reliability

Hi Guys, I'm currently with Sky and I'm thinking of moving to BT fibre 100 or 300.  I have had issues in the past with other providers, their technical support was horrible and unhelpful, internet service weren't reliable and had to regularly contact tech support who were unhelpful and with long wait times, which was quite stressful. 

I am thinking of switching to BT but I'm worried, concerned if the service will be reliable, what the tech support will be like and if they do any kind of traffic shaping, throttle torrent speeds, if downloads are truly unlimited and if the internet service will be reliable.  I checked on for BT broadband reviews and there are a lot of complaints on there which makes me more concerned about switching.





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Re: Thinking of moving to BT for Fibre broadband, have concerns about Torrents, service reliability

I would definately be more concerned about having a reliable service!  I moved from Sky to fibre 900 and so far the speeds and wifi has been **bleep** and past 2 days I have no internet at all or telephone.  If you do switch request your account number immediately over the phone as they just dont provide this and without this you cant use most of the online services (speed testing etc).  Working from home tethered to my mobile phone, not exactly ideal and estimated repair date is next week.  The router and wifi disc provided is worse than the sky q router, I have less coverage in the house now (when the darned thing works).  When the internet did work it was brutral through the day with speeds <4mb

Why not just rent a cheap seedbox and FTP the stuff to yourself and set up a Plex or Emby server on the seedbox and bobs yer uncle.  Use something like radarr and sonarr and it can all be automated, no need to touch a torrent unless downloading games and programmes.  A lot of torrent sites are blocked anyway so you would likely be using a proxy service, to be toally safe if downloading directly with torrents then a proxy service would be wise.

When mine was working (oh how i miss the internet!) I got decent speeds on Saturday (yay) and easily rattled 500gb down via FTP.  I really dont think they will limit what data you use, the limit is more on the service provided.

What I will say is so far I cannot fault the telephone help service the guys I have spoken too have been extremely polite and while they were unable to help (as the issue is an openreach issue) they were excellent (so far).

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Re: Thinking of moving to BT for Fibre broadband, have concerns about Torrents, service reliability

Sorry double post but may be relevent.  Wifi speed on the ps4 are <4mb thats a fraction of what they were with sky, and thats with the wifi disk yards away from the PS4.  Just in case you are a gamer.  All my speed tests have been both wifi and via ethernet.

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Re: Thinking of moving to BT for Fibre broadband, have concerns about Torrents, service reliability

Thanks for the response, I am thinking of using a seedbox in future and hopefully it'll be ok.   With Sky I'm getting 78Mb download and 20Mb upload, haven't had any issues with the connection so far and the service has been 100% reliable.  I don't use torrents extensively now days, just the occasional download here and there, hopefully the private torrent sites won't be blocked. 

I do gaming as well on PS4 MW, Warzone and the wifi download speeds are fine, 40-50Mb download, 10-15 Mb upload.  Just that I've been with Sky for a long time and switching to another provider can be worrying at times.  

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Re: Thinking of moving to BT for Fibre broadband, have concerns about Torrents, service reliability

Have alook here: my current woes in detail (if intererested)
You will have no issues with a seedbox (just pick a decent provider) that should also allow your own VPN set up (should you wish to use IPTV). Havent seen many private sites blocked but then again it hasnt worked long enough for me to visit those I'm a member of.

I wish I hadn't switched now. Perhaps the future will hold another story but sky was excellent and cant fault it at all.

BTW if you have a lot of smart devices be aware that they are a pig to set up and a lot dont work, alexa stuff is fine (when you eventually get them set up) but continually disconnected requiring a reset, surepet no loger works half the time (my catflap), hive was on and off constantly (both are wired directly to the caple). Alexa dots were hit and miss with 2 of my 4 taking at least 10 attempts each before connecting. Light bulbs dont work at all, smart plugs dont work except the amazon ones. Ring doorbell now has a 3 or 4 miute delay before notified someones at the door (I disconnected it so people dont ring it as getting nothing now). Aparently it is recommended to buy your own router at a cost of £100+ to get decent wifi and things working. With the Sky Q router everything worked fine for me and set up was a scoosh.

When mine was working I tried playing online but kept disconnecting, even playing PS Now was awful.

Had the joy of pre ordering a PS5 this morning on my phone !!! Grrrr
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