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Thoughts of setting up new modem/router + Possible long line issues with third party modem?

Hey again BT community. So recently I decided to overhaul my network and buy a new router and modem. This new setup works mostly fine, the new router is an ASUS RT-N66U with Merlin firmware flashed onto it, the new modem is a TP-Link TD W8960N with the most up to date stock firmware. For the most part the internet is fine and it syncs at the same speeds I got with my old HH3. It usually has an uptime of 22 - 24 hours and then the speed seemingly degrades and it fails to resolve DNS addresses and load webpages. (Note: I am on ADSL 2+)


Connecting to the internet is fine, pretty sure I have it set up correctly, my concern comes to understanding which subnets my router and modem should be and what addresses to assign both the router and router/modem. I have the TP-link set up in bridge mode (LLC Snap-Bridging) with the VPI and VCI values at 0 and 38 and PPPoA connection type. 


Originally I had the ASUS router on the address and the TP-link on with this I could access the GUI on the modem through my router without being directly connected to it.


I have some questions:


What addresses should I be using for both the router and the modem, should the LAN and WAN be on different subnets?

I have access to the Subnet Mask, will this need to change with the above, and if so what to?

Should the router, modem or both be set up as the DHCP server?

Can I use googles primary and secondary DNS, and if so should it be on both the router and the modem?

Should I have a firewall enabled on my router if the modem has a firewall enabled and vice versa?

Is LLC snap bridging the correct setting as opposed to VC/MUX when operating the modem in bridge mode?


Could there be an issue with a long line, currently my down attenuation is 61.5db, so by my understanding that is roughly 4.4km. I don't think it is that long as I have had a stable IP profile and attainable speeds of ~3Mbp/s down. My understanding is that on some long lines modems can struggle, however with the fact that I can hold 20+ hours uptime, I don't personally think this could be a factor.


Is there a proprietary modem only that BT sells for ADSL connections, or is there hardware that may be worth looking into that handles long lines fairly well (I hear that the HH2 is good with long lines)


Thanks for reading through and any insight you can give me.

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