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Re: Thoughts on the Kindle?

Hi Craig & everyone,


If you are ever in Wellington NZ and stopping in the Holiday Inn - ask to stay in the suite that has a "loo with a view".


The cloakroom has 2 doors - one is a patio style door that when open gives a grand view over the harbour! - luckily it's on a higher floor than most of the building around! - and NO I didn't sit on there with the door open!


Back to the kindle - was bought one for Christmas and surprised how easy it is to use - still prefer to listening to audio books, especially on a long journey.


All the best


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Re: Thoughts on the Kindle?



That sounds AWESOME!  I've been meaning a take a trip to NZ and look for the Lord of the Rings Film locations, If I could sit in Hobitton with a Gandalf esq pipe and read my Kindle I would be a very happy man!


'loo with view' added to travel itinerary....

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Re: Thoughts on the Kindle?

Like Stuart I take it everywhere with me a great device
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Re: Thoughts on the Kindle?

I am not a great fiction reader or bookworm in general but I do have a kindle and mainly have pdf tech manuals on there 


i was sceptical at first but having used one am convinced that for anyone reading a lot of books it has so many advantages over other forms of e reading ie laptop/netbook


it is so light has a great battery life you can read it in bright daylight you can send pdf files via email to it you can do web browsing (black and white) 



in short whats not to like?

no trees were harmed in the sending of this message but millions of electrons were terribly inconvenienced
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