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Three "new" emails from 2019

Can you suggest any reason why I have three "new" emails at the top of my page of emails, dated 1.11.19, 30.10.19 and 25.08.19?

The third one says it's from my son (via Google Photos) and says that he has shared 13 photos with me. But there seem to be many more than 13 photos there. (Yes, I opened it.)

The other two appear to be identical, saying that they are from "Insure@The CPA" with the subject line "Your CPA Deposit Registration application acknowledgement". There are symbols on the right of flags (all 3) and paper-clips (the 2 CPA) which I've never seen on any email before.

The CPA thing refers to some work we had done in 2019 where our deposit was insured in case the company doing the work went bust. 


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