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Throttling Infinity 1 connections as a % of maximum line speed



This doesn't affect me negatively (now) but it might affect a lot of people on this forum so I am posting it.


I moved house back in August, at my previous house I had Infinity 2 and connected at a solid 76mbps every time. When I asked to switch to my new address I was told that due to maximum line speed I could only get infinity 1 and I would likely receive 28mpbs. So I went with it. My Infinity 1 connected at around 40mbps for the most part, I don't think it ever went over 45.


I tried to get BT to switch me to Infinity 2 but they wouldnt. As I - and everyone - is told by BT, your maximum line speed is just that so there is no point. In fact, this is what BT say on their website:


We're always investing in technology to give you faster broadband speeds – even at peak times – and we always give you the best broadband speed possible on your line.

 ( )


Now last night (while connected at 40mpbs) I got an email from BT with a Loyalty Offer of discounted Infinity 2 at a price lower than I was paying for Infinity 1, so I clicked a few things and signed up. The confirmation told me it would be effective 06 Dec.


This morning I see that it has taken effect as my connection speed is now 60.25mbps.


So it looks to me like BT could have actually delivered me the 52mbps advertised on Infinity 1 but that they throttle it - I don't see any mention of this anywhere.


I'm writing this because maybe there are people here who are seeing slow Infinity 1 speeds but are being told that it is an impossibility to change (as I was). This is so you know it's not 🙂


I guess you could either sweet talk your way on to the discounted Infinity 2 package or ask BT to clarify if they are actually slowing your line.

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Re: Throttling Infinity 1 connections as a % of maximum line speed

Hi @dca81,


It sounds like you were on the previous Infinity 1 maximum profile which was 40 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. This should have been changed to the newer profile of 55 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up at the same time as everyone else. I'm sorry if it wasn't. The maximum speed we would quote for that newer profile would be 52 Mbps down. When you changed to the Infinity 2 package you were put on our maximum download and upload which is 80 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. We advertise this as up to 76 Mbps as you generally will not get more than that.


If someone wants to upgrade to Infinity 2, for whatever reason, they can as long as they are aware that their speeds may not increase.





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