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Throttling Infinity 2 speeds


For the past few weeks I have been experiencing lower than normal speeds on my infinity 2 connection. My line is capable of 77 mb/s but for the last 2 weeks I have been unable to get above 17mb/s. Yesterday the Openreach came to do some testing on the line, after 2 hours of running all kinds of tests he concluded that the was nothing wrong with the line and BT were throttling my speeds at their servers he said. He proved nothing was wrong with the line as he was on the phone with a lady from second tier support for who made him run a test from the IP which showed the 77mb/s I am paying for but not getting. I have had numerous calls and emails from BT, telling me it's not there end and so they took it upon themselves to login to my Home Hub 4 and mess around with the wireless settings. Now I am not a phone line technician by any stretch of the imagination, but why would my broadband speed be affected by my wifi. The Openreach Man used a hard wired connection. So I am wondering why has BT throttled my speeds and is there others out there with a similar experience.

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Re: Throttling Infinity 2 speeds

You have to do speed tests with a wired connection because there are to many variables that can affect wireless connections


If you have a white Openreach modem and a Homehub make a direct connection from your PC to the modem which will eliminate the homehub. Follow this guide to do that. Use your computer as normal and run your speed test. If it improves you will know it is possibly a faulty hub. You obviously will not be able to use any other devices while doing this.

Step 1: Remove the homehub from the modem

Step2: Connect your pc/laptop into the modem using LAN1 port

Step3: Open network and sharing centre on windows and click set up a new connection or network

Step4: Connect to the internet then click make a new connection Broadband PPPoE

Step5: Username and the password as BT

Step6: connect, If it doesn't,keep pressing try again until it does.

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