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Re: Time for a Positive Message, Lets Praise BT

Most of the trouble occurring with you view and vision is intermitent speed there  doesnt seem to be any stability wired or wireless speeds are all over the place and bt wholesale speed tester is a waste of time it doesnt show the fluctuations .until everyone gets constant speed the problems go on and on ,every time an engineer opens a cabinet or goes up a pole near us we get drops in speed ,until we get fibre into the houses i cant see it improving much .so i wont be waving a flag for BT sorry .

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Re: Time for a Positive Message, Lets Praise BT

loads of firms need to update servers as well is another problem with the internet whats the point having super fast broadband if you are coupled to out dated servers ..............

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Re: Time for a Positive Message, Lets Praise BT

I'm going to add a +1 to the praise for BT. I've been a customer myself for 17 years since I moved out of home and entered the big wide world.  I've had broadband with them for about 6 years during which time I've moved house.  The house move didn't go so well, but a constructive letter to the right place got a named person in regular contact to get everything sorted.


I've had BT Vision since 2008 and moved to YouView in January, which I'm really impressed with.  I've always been happy with the service, changes to orders have gone through without a hitch and when it's come to renewal time I've normally been able to get a good deal by ringing up and talking to the sales team.


Broadband wise I've moved on to having Infinity which is brilliant, especially as I have a growing family and we all use the internet at the same time.


Best advice for getting good service:

  1. If you use Twitter, use @BTCare - the team there always go the extra mile
  2. If you ring up, press the option to take the feedback survey. It's probably a coincidence but I always get someone good when I do
  3. Ring sales when it's time to renew, you always get a better deal
  4. Don't rant. Be reasonable and don't assume you know everything. The person on the other end of the phone, no matter where they are, is there to help you

If you really want to get involved with improving the services, look into becoming a trialist. BT are always looking for enthusiastic helpers who want to try out new stuff.

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Re: Time for a Positive Message, Lets Praise BT

I just wanted to add my tuppence worth.  I too have had no real problems with YouView.  We have the buffering issue, but this almost always coincides with daughter doing something (hopefully legal) online.  And we are rural - maximum broadband speed of 6MBps.  We do suffer from the crackling on HD channels - but this seems to be a Humax issue.


Those of us using this service muyst remember that we are early adopters - this ecosystem was launched only a couple of months ago, and there will be teething problesm.  They are far fewer than the problems when BT Vision launched - but I was happy with that service then.  I am not sure where BT Infinty users' buffering problems come from, but assume that local setups must have something to do with it...


I am impatient for more features to be added (Android apps/ DNLA) but am very content to finally have HD for next to nothing!



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Re: Time for a Positive Message, Lets Praise BT

+1 for praise.

Update from BT broadband to Infinity + free Youview went smoothly apart from I had to do a reset to get the first update.

Only a few well documented minor niggles (skipping to end of recording, CEC problems and no TV button on the remote)

All this means is that we have to use two remotes and be careful fast forwarding past ads on recordings.

No probs with catch up or recording.

It just works