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Time limit on complaints?

Hi all,


My 12 month contract is ending in a few weeks and a few days ago I noticed I had been charged multiple activation and delivery fees at the start. I rang BT to query this and was told they don't deal with bills over 6 months old which is stated in the terms and conditions. He was quite rude when I asked to speak to a supervisor who called me back 2 days later. She told me that I couldn't query a bill over 3 months old and that this is stated in the terms and conditions. I asked her where in the terms and conditions as I couldn't find it. She said she didn't know and that her manager would call me back. He was also quite rude and told me that it is not in the terms and conditions and that it doesn't need to be. I suggested reducing my bill by X amount so that I would effectively recoup the overcharge over the next 12 months. He said he couldn't do this and someone would call me back within 10 working days.


If I ask for a letter of deadlock can I also cancel my account when the contract expires? Would the ombudsman refuse a claim on a bill that is 12 months old?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Time limit on complaints?

You can cancel your contract once it's up regardless of the deadlock letter.

A deadlock letter would usually only be issued once BT's complaint procedure has been exhausted and a satisfactory outcome can't be agreed. You can't just go straight to asking for a deadlock letter.

You can take your case to the Ombudsman after 8 weeks from the inital complaint being logged if it's not resolved. You don't need a deadlock letter, to go to the Ombudsman once the 8 weeks elapses.
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Re: Time limit on complaints?

Legally speaking, you have every right to claim money you are owed through the courts for 6 years in England or Wales.  In Scotland, it's 5 years.

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Re: Time limit on complaints?

Thanks both.


At this point I would rather just cancel my account but everyone I have spoken to at BT so far tells me they can't cancel my account because I have an ongoing complaint, which seems ridiculous.

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