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Timing to end contract

My Infinity 1 / landline contract "ends" on 11 January and my mobile contract on 11 February. I have read a few nightmare threads about BT cancellation charges so would be grateful of any advice as to how to time my move to Plusnet (great offer from 21 Dec to 10 Jan) so as to avoid excessive charges...though I accept they will be in the T&Cs!

I was going to sign up online with Plusnet around 30 December but am unsure about the mobile contract. I presume this needs to be handled separately but am not sure how to give the required 30 day notice, but was planning to ring BT up on 10 January (I have no need for the mobile number as it was only used as an emergency phone).

Any advice on either strategy would be much appreciated. 

P.S. I have contacted BT to enquire about any renewal offers but they could not offer anything other than the £15 for Infinity 2 in 'My Offers' which I do not need

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Re: Timing to end contract

Transition to another supplier normally takes 14 days.  If you start the move any earlier than that, you will be hit by cancellation charges, even if you have already paid Jabuary's bill in advance.  The safest thing is just to let it roll onto a monthly contract, then you can move any time you like.


Check the mobile contract.  You may be able to let that just run out, with a higher bill for the last month as you'd no longer be a BT broadband customer.  Again, don't cancel too early, and check the cancellation notice period (probably 30 days).

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Re: Timing to end contract

Thanks Ectophile. I think your advice broadly confirms my somewhat muddled understanding of the best approach to take. Would be much easier if ISPs were similar to utility companies where you have a 49 day window to change supplier.

Even simpler if BT had more competitive renewal offers that made the need to change ISP redundant. Thanks again for your advice.

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