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To join BT Infinity or not?

Hey Guys, just after some advice regarding whether to join up with infinity or not due to all the negative feedback i have read.

Anyway i am currently with Aol on adsl and my download speed is round about 2.42 Mb/s and upload 0.23 Mb/s and checking my speed for fibre optic is 19.1 Mb/s download and 4.6 Mb/s upload not quite the 38 Mb/s as advertised, i know this is depending how far i am from the exchange and the green street cabinet from my house.


I know its not the maximum speed you can get from fibre optic but it is an improvement over my current adsl line.

What do you guys think? any feedback welcome.







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Re: To join BT Infinity or not?

I used to have a 1Mbs down / 0.34 Mbs up fixed speed ADSL line. Switched to Infinity a few months back and am really happy. Installation was on time and easy, and the connection has been pretty close to a rock solid 33 Mbs down/4.5 Mbs up since then (way better than it used to be). I'm one very happy customer.


The forums will always give the impression nothing works (they are here for those who do have prioblems), so it's difficult to judge just by reading here. 

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Re: To join BT Infinity or not?

Thing is, you'll very rarely see people posting on here about how good infinity is. I bet that the vast majority of infinity customers are happy with their service. 


I too had my reservations about moving from a rock solid ADSL connection with AAISP which was giving me a solid sync of 19mbps, but I bit the bullet and changed and I've had no issues. 


I'm about 200 meters away from the street cabinet and I get the top speed of 38mbps and have only had one issue which was beyond BT's control (a routing issue to do with online gaming) and that's sorted now. 

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Re: To join BT Infinity or not?

Whilst the speed estimate isn't great ( assume actual speed of maybe 16meg) it is such a mega improvement over what you've got currently that you've really nothing to loose. Even on a poor day it'll be far better than now.


The support from most ISPs is fairly poor & I think that BT will be no better/worse than others, but I think the mods here can be quite helpful - atleast I hope so as I've an issue with my recent installation.


BT have a decent deal at the moment & I think there's cashback through Quidco.

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Re: To join BT Infinity or not?

The catch is always, and be careful "UP TO" so could be anything they choose.

We had fibre installed, on day one way 29 mbps down, so the line is capable, now 8 weeks on we are down to 12 ...........

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Re: To join BT Infinity or not?

On Thinkbroadband forums there are areas per ISP. For an ISP the size of BT there are fewer posts than for BE for example.
I was with Be prior to moving to BT and found them to be very good but obviously the same cannot be said for everyone else.
Be also have a very active forum themselves.
Do your research as there are plenty of resources available but there is never a single definitive answer.
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Re: To join BT Infinity or not?

I've just joined Infinity & I'd say that it depends.


If you've poor ADSL speeds/service & Infinity will estimate to give you much better performance or you need the significantly better upload speeds available then the answer is yes.


The deal I got was the YouView box , £50 Sainsbury voucher - covers the cost of install - and £40 cashback via Quidco.


It was the YouView box that helped as I plan to drop my Sky TV subscription to save a bit of cash.


As for customer service well Indian call centres are all very much alike which means poor generally BUT the mods here are very helpful & reactive so that more than makes up for the generally poor customer service.


I think most users of Infinity are generally happy with what Infinity offers but which ever ISP you go with there will always be some unhappy customers.

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