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To say BT are useless would be and overestimation

Ive left BT as my broadband and calls package is going up and according to the terms on the email i got I can:


If this change means you want to end your service, you can do that by telling us within ten days of receipt of this email without needing to pay a charge for ending your contract early


so after arguing that its going up with the customer service team who say its not going up i have to show everyone this:


BT price rise.png


Unless I'm living in some weird BT fantasy land that says its going up!


So isnt it great when they send you this today now I've moved


What you'll pay

You'll need to pay £148.66 for stopping your BT services. This includes:

  • Charges for ending your contract early - Because you're stopping your service before the end of your contract, you'll need to pay £99.66 for the remaining months.
  • Charge for your equipment - You'll need to pay £49.00 for your outstanding equipment charges. You can find out more about this under 'Deferred payment for equipment' at


What a useless company BT are if it I can't leave under the T&C's they have provided me with then the'yve missold me broadband and calls and changed T&C's without informing customers or updating websites.


When I took out my broadband and calls package I got the offer of a "free" router.  Its not free if BT are asking me to pay for it, is it.  That is certainly missing selling


Off to Ofcom I go.

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