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Too-high broadband usage and useless customer service

On Monday night (3rd August) I got an email saying I had nearly used all my broadband (I pay for 10GB) and when I looked, I'd apparently used over 7GB! I know there's no way I could have done this.


When I rang this morning, I got put through to a man in India who didn't listen to me, told me I must have used it and tried to get me to upgrade to a more expensive package. He told me I'd used 2GB on Saturday, when all I'd done was go online for 20 minutes to look at a couple of websites! The second person I called was equally useless.


On my third attempt, I was put through to another Indian man who at least conceded it sounded unusual. He suggested my hub might have been hacked and put me through to a woman who helped me change the password. He also told me I wouldn't be charged extra this month.


However, a Google search suggests it is quite common for people to be told they have used more broadband than they actually have, and for BT to charge them for it. I'm really concerned that I'm going to be charged for broadband I haven't used, and also that BT don't seem to care at all that this is happening. They just seem to use it as an opportunity to get people to upgrade.


I also contacted the Twitter team, but after trying to fob me off with some useless information they ignored me. I'm going to start looking for another provider tomorrow because there's no way I'm staying with BT after this.

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Re: Too-high broadband usage and useless customer service

is it possible that you have windows and got the windows 10 update which is 2gb+  you may have even got some of update and then download failed


check the windows update history and see if there is windows 10 update failed

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Re: Too-high broadband usage and useless customer service

There were no failed downloads on those days. As I said, there is no way I could have used so much in such a short time.


I'll be looking for a new provider today.

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Re: Too-high broadband usage and useless customer service

I'm having same problem. 20gb allowance. Email on tuesday telling me I'd used more than 14gb in 10 days. I went on the live chat with someone who checked when it had been used and he identified 3 days of high usage which didn't relate to anything me or husband had done so we assumed must be daughter on netflix. 3gb, 6.5gb and 1.5gb on the 3 days. Was also told June was 8gb and July was 10gb so well under our allowance anx sh had usex netflix lots during our two eeek hols in june so it was starting to sound odd.

I did some searching on here and found posts about BT fon using data so could it be the neighbours using my data?

Its not likely to be Windows 10 as we haven't had the pc on on the high use days. Most browsing is phone (low use) hudl (low use) or kindle (cant see how to get usage?)Daughter has a laptop which i will check but rarely used either. 

Now the monitor is telling me we used 1.5gb yesterday! We were out most of the day and watching terrestrial tv all evening. Bit of browsing last night but no downloading. What??

I plan to ring today and see if I can get any answers but I'm not hopeful. Only been with BT since June so not impressed so far!

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Re: Too-high broadband usage and useless customer service

This guide may help.

Why is my broadband usage so high?

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