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Torchwood - the struggles to record internet channels

I decided to record the first series of Torchwood that Watch is broadcasting.



Now Watch only schedule one showing of the episodes and that generally is at 1am.



Each episode has a running time of about 47 to 48 minutes if no adverts


The EPG listing only allows 45 minutes eg start time  01:00 and next programm has a start time of 01:45 so each (in)accurate recording tends to be of 44-45 minutes... Generally the start or more regularly the end of the broadcast fails to be recorded.



OK you say if accurate recording is so inaccurate you have to schedule the next programme to record to catch the ending.


The next obstacle is that I find that some episodes are only part recorded.


For example last nights episode only have 31 minutes recorded....

Looking at my HomeHub 5 log it appears that it rebooted at that time.

Researching the forumms I find this unresolved thread due to something called OpenRG


Suffice to say the syatem is not intelligent enough to recommence recording the interupted programme after the reboot.

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Re: Torchwood - the struggles to record internet channels

A factory reset of my HH5 fixed the OpenRG problem for me....


However, I have found Watch is one of the channels that don't send accurate start signals and thus the front or ends of recordings are missed 😞


Same problem happens on Gold