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Totally Unlimted not working

Please can anyone new or has re-contracted to this new service help me confirm a few things.


I re-contracted from infinity option 2 which I have had since launch, so the only really difference is that I will not be traffic shaped anymore.


Well unfortunately that is not the case as far as the tests I have done.


I have been on a round trip to India, tech expert and all I have gone through is pure hell as none of them can help and don’t seem to understand the problem.


So here is what I have done so far to see if I am traffic shaped.


Downloaded the same P2P file at 3pm & 5pm, 3pm is over 1MB is speed and 5pm is about 1.2Kbs a massive difference but that was always the case on the old Infinity Option 2.

Glasnost test at 3pm states downloads are not rated but uploads are.

Glasnost test at 5pm states downloads and uploads are rated.


I had confirmation on 5th Feb 2012 that I was active on new product and five days have passed.

BT India state that my line is currently going through the 10 day stabilisation period and the traffic shaping will remove after that.


I see from some people on this forum that they have the restrictions removed already.


Also since re-contracting My BT account indicates I have no products, phone or broadband as in picture below.


For a large organisation the customer service is really terrible.



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Re: Totally Unlimted not working

Quite a few people are having issues with MyBT at the moment, but I expect that eventually all the new packages will show up.





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