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Totally experated trying to communicate with BT and getting a renumber order executed



Please someone help!!!


I am totally frustrated at the way I have been treated by BT this last few weeks, and this is a last ditch attempt to get some help on what is going on.


The issue is simple. I planned to move house on Fri 22 Aug, and wanted to take over the previous owners number.


Both the previous owner and myself met to make a speakerphone call to BT to place the orders.

We all (BT included) agreed that on the move day, that the number would be disconnected from the property and could be diverted to my mobile whilst my new service was physically installed – planned to complete Tues 26th. 24 later the follow-on order to renumber the new line would occur and Wed 27th I would have the new service in the new property with the previous owners number.


What actually happened….

The move happened on Fri 22nd and the number was cut off! Both the previous owner and I rang BT. They wouldn’t speak to me as it wasn’t my number (yet). They wouldn’t speak to the previous owner as he had apparently had his account closed. They said that whatever happened until the install had fully completed with a BT house visit on Tues 26th that there could not be a renumber. We got totally stonewalled and the desired number rings as unobtainable.


Tues26th engineer arrived, completed the install and knew nothing about the renumber. Said to ring in and ask. He said I had a temporary number.


So rang in, got indian all centre and spent ages on phone, could not get any sense. After ringing in a number of times finally got to someone who said a follow on order was in place and would happen overnight. Wait till tomorrow.


We 27th – Have my temporary, but the previous number is still unabtainable. Rang in again, more call centre language iissue. Best answer I can get is give it another 24 hours.


Thur 28th – now have a second temporary number but not the requested number. Back to the call centre, back through the language issues. Told the renumber had failed but they don’t know why. Its been escalated to the offline team who will definitely sort it in 48 hours. Interesting, I log into MYBT portal and is shows the first temporary number as active.


Sat 30th – still no renumber – rang back in again – got an English speaking person first time. I’m told the renumber failed and try again in 48 hours. I asked, what had failed and was it the same failure? Agent just said try again in 48 hours its with the offline team. Pressed the point – apparently I’m not allowed to speak to the offline team but eventually the agent said I could speak with Billing. Went through the whole thing again with billing. They rang offline team – took them 10 seconds only (dont even know how they had time to give them my account number!!) The number is apparently reserved and cannot be transferred at the moment, maybe the number is held by a third party (Note: it was a BT number moving from one customer to another – there is no third party) Now I’m told I will have to wait 5 days – try again Wed 3 Sept.


My desired number is still ringing as unobtainable an I still cant get the number of place a divert on it.


Now this is a joke. This a diabolical customer service. The agents, blatantly haven’t got a clue about whats going on – most don’t seem to have the language skills to explain it and now has any interest or is taking any ownership for getting this sorted. I have now spent several hours on the phone with BT this week and frankly have now lost any confidence I have.


I am getting emails, often a couple a day from BT saying: this order is complete – this one has failed – and other updates on my order. These have order numbers I have never been given - so its all meaningless noise.


If there is some moderator out there who can make a difference, please help. Otherwise I am going wait one more time till Wed 3rd and then cancel my direct debit and hold BT in breach of contract.


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Re: Totally experated trying to communicate with BT and getting a renumber order executed

Moderators advised
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Re: Totally experated trying to communicate with BT and getting a renumber order executed

Hi nigel15wareing,


I'm really sorry about this there must be something stopping the renumber requests from going through.  Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to look into this for you. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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