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Tragic Service

Do we need a legal class action to get service from BT ?


Home line went dead on 16th Sept 2015
Reported to BT 16th Sept and advised it would be restored on 21st Sept
21st Sept contacted BT again as phone line not restored
21st Sept BT advised engineer would call out between 1pm and 6pm 22nd Sept
22nd Sept engineer does not call out, phone line still not working
22nd Sept rang BT advised that a manager would call me back the next morning
23rd Sept no call from BT
23rd Sept rang BT who advised that I will need to make another appointment which has been scheduled between 1pm and 6pm 25th Sept
Phone still not working

Summary no phone service since 21st Sept
BT not returning calls or keeping promises
Engineer not turning up for appointment with no communication to me tho explain why

Solution :
Contact me with a personal case owner
Fix my phone now
Advise complaints and compensation procedure for ;
no service
transfer of calls to mobile and excess charges incurred
inconvenience for engineer no show


Can someone start caring at BT or is this another one for BBC ?

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Re: Tragic Service

Hi lifesabeach,


Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry you're having so many probleme sgetting this fixed. I'll be happy to step in and get this sorted for you. Can you please send over the details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.






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Re: Tragic Service

@lifesabeach wrote:

Do we need a legal class action to get service from BT ?


That would be a bit tricky, as there's no such thing as a class action under UK law.

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Re: Tragic Service

Ectophile wrote:

there's no such thing as a class action under UK law.

There will be next week when the Consumer Rights Act comes into force. It relates to competition and might provide an opportunity to go gunning for Openreach, though I'd be rubbing my hands more as a lawyer rather than a customer.

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Re: Tragic Service

What a horridly drafted bit of legislation.  Schedule 8 just consists of a whole bunch of amendments to other laws.  The end result is that the average person has no idea what rights they have any more.


Most of the recent consumer protection law has been reasonably straightforward if you take the time to read it through.

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