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Hi ,Can anyone tell me the correct way to get all my online transcripts with BT over the last 3 weeks,I was on the online chat for 21+ days on the run every morning as had no internet at all between 17th July  - 6th August ,During this time i was told many many answers about the transcripts,All the transcripts show i was totally offline for nearly 3 weeks & BT refuse this and say it was only off for a week lol,All vital information i need is in those transcripts for evidence,But they do there best to keep them from  me 


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Re: Transcripts

Hi @gary11,

You can get all the information BT hold on you by completing a data subject request which is free of charge under GDPR but takes a few weeks. Here is the link

What is the outcome your a looking for? Compensation? 


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Re: Transcripts

Hi Sp

Yes its for compensation,The link you provides seems to be for only any personal data they hold on me,This wont include any online transcripts chats that im requesting,Where do i have to go to get all the online chat transcripts ,If BT didnt have so many answers for the same thing then i wouldnt need to waste my time on here

Also after waiting nearly 2 weeks now for compensation team to call me via phone,Ive just recieved a letter off BT,Stating that this is the last time they will contact me over my complaint and will now close the complaint within 14 days,Letter was sent on 10th Aug which is also craft as 8 days already lost ,But guess what BT havnt contacted me at all lol,Which is why i give up with them now,Just need my transcripts for eveidence 


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Re: Transcripts


The data subject request should cover all data BT hold on you in the past they used to even send call recording out to you on the CD.

If I am being honest you might be going the wrong way about this as it would be a very long process for such a small amount of compensation. 

Compensation wise you would be entitled to a daily rental credit for each day without service and this is based of your monthly rental. Auto compensation was stopped due to Covid19 and Open reach calling MBORG on the entire network. If you paid £50 per month that would be a daily rental credit of about £1.64 which is about £34.44 for 21 days. This would all BT would have to offer you. Normally if you push them they will round it up to a month. Have BT made you any sort of offer? 

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Re: Transcripts

The compensation the offered was £50 which i told them no chance,When they read my transcripts then they will see £50 compensation is a total **bleep** take,I was supposed to be high priority as working from home,3 weeks was left with no internet at all,Took 6 Engineers to sort it out,The 5th Engineer told me he was disgusted on how long ive been left,Especially when it was the 5th Engineer that found the fault and couldnt work out why all other 4 Engineers were left clueless,

In the process of all of this ,It only took me like 3 years to learn 3D animation,2 months to find a job,So 1st ever job at 25k a year started in at the end of June,Everything so far had been remote working on Zoom for content meetings,Had my first project to hand in by Aug 2nd,But wasnt able to produce any work at all from 17th July onwards,Due to No internet at all,And yes by Aug 3rd i was dismissed after only 2 Months in new job,

Now for future jobs in an industry which is already hard to get a job,I have absolutly NO CHANCE as whats the next company going to do when i apply,They will check my reference and yes you guessed it,There going to say we gave this guy a project to do and he didnt even complete or send in on time ,So Bt have pretty much screwed up my career thats only just started

I will get this fully investigated to show how many times BT fobbed me off with a variety of different things


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Re: Transcripts

I fear you may be disappointed in the level of compensation due.

Transcripts will make absolutely no difference, the only compensation you will get is a rebate for the number of days you had no service. There is no compensation for consequential loss.

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Re: Transcripts

Sorry but the Transcripts will make all the difference for Evidence,As itll show how many time BT lied to me,And took no action,Also passed on wrong information to the Engineers for a complete different issue,Then had the cheek to report my Fault as `Drop in connection` when im completly offline for days at he time ,The Engineer told me thats no more than a general issue like Netflix buffereing ,And couldnt understand why they were reporting my job as a general issue when it was an emergency job,The job should of been fixed on Day 1 which was July 17th according to the 5th Engineer who found the fault,He only came on 4th August ,If Bt done there job by reporting the correct issue what i was telling them about then id still have a job

With All the lies & BT just not doing there job which is what led to my dismisal from my Job & pretty much destroyed my career now


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Re: Transcripts

TBH I'd br more pushing a company who seem to have dismissed on  a whim without any warnings etc. Id they did I apologise but if they've just outright dismissed you i'd have a look at your contract ad that doesn't seem right

In any case the transcripts won't change any offers, if you don't accept them the next stage will likely be ombudsman etc

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Re: Transcripts

Hmm, I guess the OP couldn't get a mobile signal or any other means to gain internet access either.

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Re: Transcripts


Sorry but the Transcripts will make all the difference for Evidence

Evidence of what though ? residential accounts are purely for entertainment purposes, there's no service level agreements like business accounts, you can't claim any loss of earnings etc, it's part of the terms you agreed to, I get more people are working from home but it doesn't change the terms of agreement.

Automatic compensation is suspended due to Covid impacting repairs, so you'd be offered goodwill.

You've been offered £50 for 21 days without service, It's more than a months line/bb rental costs.



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