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Transfer of line to BT but given new number!



I have just gone through the process of having my phone line transferred back to BT after a number of years.  When I first called to request if this could be done so I could retain my existing number I was assured that this would be the case and so I proceeded with my order.


A few days later I checked my order online using the tracking facility and noticed a new phone number had been allocated.  I called BT to clarify and was assured that the new number quoted was just a temporary number and once it had been activated I could call up on the day to have my old number restored.  A couple of weeks later I received notification of my order and activation date through the post and called BT again to double check as there was no mention of my being able to retain my existing number (sorry if this sounds obsessive but I had a gut feeling it was all going to go pear shaped so kept calling to get some reassurance!!)  This time I was told the number would definitely be transferred and would be done so on day of activation.   Yesterday the line was activated under the new number and so again I called BT but this time was informed that my old number could not be restored just yet as the order was only just completed and was advised to call back today.


Today I call and have been told that a renumber request has been submitted to another team and should be notified in in 4 to 5 working days that my old number has been restored.  I requested a reference number for this and was given a new VOL order number!


I am getting frustrated somewhat at being given different bits of information everytime I call up and am worried that I am just being fobbed off and that I will not get my number back (have had this number for 40+ years!!)


Has anyone else had any problems transferring back to BT and retaining their number?


Grateful for any advice.

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Re: Transfer of line to BT but given new number!

BT would have requested with your old supplier to export the number to them. If the installation date of your line is before the agreed export/import date then BT will give you a temporary number in the mean time.


I think they also need to do that when its a provide at a brand new property for some reason.

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Re: Transfer of line to BT but given new number!

Thanks's hoping it is as you say and that it all gets sorted soon.
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