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Trespassing and Failing to Reconnect - No Line for 3 months and waiting ....

I am a real customer with a very serious issue with BT / Open Reach.


In summary, OPenReach came to my property in May this year and dismantled my BT line without authorisation from myself. The property was unoccupied whilst building works were being finished off.


So I then had to arrange reinstallation for the line. On two occasions the OpenReach  engineer has left without installing the line.


The first time (17/7) we were told that scaffold at the back of the house was the problem and so we had it taken down straight away. I arranged another appointment (5/8) and on this occasion the engineer said he would fix the line after the rain stopped! The rain stopped before the end of the day but he left without any explanation. I now have to wait until 29/8 for the next appointment.


Why through no fault of my own am I without a communications line for 3 months and having to take 1.5 days off work plus another 4 hours on the phones trying to sort this out?????????

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Re: Trespassing and Failing to Reconnect - No Line for 3 months and waiting ....

Hi IncreasinglyAngry,


I can take a look at this for you to see what is going on. Please could you send me in your details the link found "About Me" section of my profile?





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