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Tried to leave, but staying has been a nightmare

So I tried to leave BT, but needed to ring and cancel bt sport, as that didnt auto-cancel. When I rang they convinced me to stay, with an excellent phone and broadband deal. So I stayed. BT transferred me to sky, to cancel my order there, and as they did so, my deal should have been changing as follows:
Cancel bt sport.
New excellent deal on bt infinity.
Two bt mobile sims for free due to broadband discount.
New bt homehub 6, just delivery charge to pay.
Switch from quarterly in advance to monthly in advance.

The sims arrived, all fine and dandy, activated, my daughter is using one, great. The only bit I cannot complain about.

When it came to switch over/new bill day, I didnt see a bill. I had made it clear from the original call that I intended to refund the credit on my account, which after switching from quarterly in advance to monthly in advance, and on basically a half price deal, should of been in excess of £100. Due to this, I was waiting on the new bill, so I could request a refund of the excess credit. When no bill appeared, I looked at the emails they had sent me, and noticed that while the phone package was still on the order, the broadband was cancelled. I still received the new hub though.

I rang BT, and discovered that while the order on the cracking deal I was offered was placed, 8 minutes later another full price broadband package was ordered as well. This appeared to be messing things up. So, my case was supposedly passed to the "offline team", who would have it resolved for me.

The following day I am issued a bill, paid from the credit on my account. But the bill is wrong. So wrong I couldnt believe. They had apparently resolved things by charging me the full price broadband, as well as carrying on my bt sport package, with new added "out of contract" fees. I expected my bill to be around £40, due to price adjustments and delivery on my new hub. Nope, £85.

So, I read my emails again. I had an order confirmation for the special deal. I had no email confirmation for the additional full price order. Funny that, that one order creates an email notification, and the other one doesnt. I also noticed I had two emails notifying me of a change of my direct debit. One reverted it back to a previous bank account, unused for five months, and the following changed it to gobbledygook. Has anyone ever seen bank sort codes or account numbers with letters in them?

So I rang them again, and was told that yes, the bill was incorrect, and my actual credit should of been £40 or so higher. I was at this point told it would all be resolved in 24 - 48 hours, and my credit would be at the correct amount. I would apparently have to ring in again with my correct direct debit details, even though I never changed them anyway. At all times I had been adamant that I wanted my credit adjusted so I could refund the credit. Something I had made clear on the first call. This was supposed to be resolved in 24 - 48 hours.

Then I got an email saying it would be corrected on my next bill. I had made it quite clear this was unacceptable, so I gave them their 48 hours. And I rang them again. After the first call had technical difficulties, ( 10 mins to get an answer and then put on hold five times before I could give my account number) I eventually made it through to someone in india. I was then told that the only problem was the bt sport and everything else was done. Except my credit was still lower than it should of been. So not resolved satisfactorily at all. After some heated to and fros, I spoke to a manager, and was told it would be dealt with by an offline team again. Yay! Currently waiting for them to call, which I was categorically stated would be within 48 hours, and that this team works 7 days a week, so by 2.55pm sunday. I repeated this several times, so the recorded call will be quite clear as to what I was promised. I suspect I will either not get a call, or it will be monday or tuesday.

I am sorry for ranting, but seen as I was leaving, they convinced me to stay, and then I have had to deal with all this, I am rather annoyed at the moment.

Is there any real way to talk to someone who can actually get me what I was promised, and correct my credit now, as opposed to in a months time? If I decided to withhold BTs money for a month, in the way they are withholding mine, they would cut me off and send me letters, but I am just expected to accept it? Saying that, they have changed my direct debit, so they cant get any more money off me at the moment anyway.

I shall wait to hear from BT as I was told, but I dont hold out much hope.

If there is any advice on how to resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated. And again, sorry for the rant.
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Re: Tried to leave, but staying has been a nightmare

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Tried to leave, but staying has been a nightmare

Okay, thankyoi
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Re: Tried to leave, but staying has been a nightmare

@Bhaigh83 Welcome to the forum, I'm really sorry about the problems you've had getting your refund sorted. If you need any help with this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username .



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Re: Tried to leave, but staying has been a nightmare

"So I tried to leave BT, but needed to ring and cancel bt sport, as that didnt auto-cancel."


As a matter of interest, were you still in contract for BT Sport?  I'm thinking about leaving, and thought BT Sport would auto-cancel as it is out of contract.  Didn't want to ring, as waiting 40 minutes on hold to cancel BT Mobile recently, put me off the notion a bit.



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Re: Tried to leave, but staying has been a nightmare

Being in contract wont matter mate. The issue was that I had bt sport on sky package, and was moving my broadband. When you go through the switch process, ie, you order it from someone else, and they notify bt for you, and start the 14 day switch, it only moves broadband and phone. It doesnt move any extra bits like bt sport. So if you have bt sport, and switch, you will probably end up having to cancel it separately. BT emailed me about it as soon as the switch order was placed. Ringing them about it was when they offered me the huge discount to stay. By huge, I mean almost 80%
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