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Tried to sign up to BT Broadband

This has been a complete Joke (Avoid at all costs)!!


Ordered via Quidco BT Broadband and BT sport to get £120 cashback and £100 Mastercard with BT Sport HD, seemed a great deal. Ordered on the 20th March with an installation date of 1st April and started watching BT Sport within the hour.


29th March no router had been sent so went online to follow, advised problem with order and would cancel and start again. Asked that it was cancelled as i didnt want to lose the benefit above. They then raised a complaint and stated that there was a problem online and the web team would get back to me in 7 days.


Business Day 7 comes around i go back online to find out what is happening, they will phone me on the 7th April after 6pm (as we work during the day). 7th April comes, no phone call so i ring and talk online this is what happens:


Transfered to two different agents, agent 2 stated that they would look at the date and then put me on hold. I then go into another Queue, what has happened?

I then speak to a third person after nearly 2 hours on the phone, explain the situation and then told they would look at the date. At 20:50 on hold listening to music and then the phone drops dead!!!!!

What the hell has happened? You want me to become a customer?


The funiest thing of all i am watching BT Sport after being told that this is impossible as the order was not processed. I now just want to cancel any transfer as this is such a poor experience and i havent even started to be a customer.

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Re: Tried to sign up to BT Broadband

@kjmoore I'm really sorry about the issues with your order, in some cases we do need to reissue orders if they fail. If you keep hold of your original order references we can still organise your cashback with Quidco.


Your best bet would be to contact our order team and allow them the chance to put things right, you'll be able to chat with our Order specialists using the following link:
Order Team

Should you have any further problems after speaking with this team please let us know.


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