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Trouble having number ported

Hi there.


Originally signed up to BT back at the start of October, coming from Virgin Media - Phone and Broadband.


The original installer (contractor) installed the line only, not very well at that.  There was no dial tone until the next engineer came out (proper BT) and installed the Infinity Broadband.  At which point the number was appearing on outgoing calls, but was not getting any incoming calls with the phone ringing through to Virgin voicemail still.


I called BT regarding this who sent out a further engineer.  This time he made a call and left saying it would be sorted by "the end of today". This never happened and they called me back on Thursday saying there had been a problem porting the number and it would be fixed by Monday.


We are now on Monday and are no further forward with this issue.  Does anyone have any idea where to go from here as it is driving me up the wall having to use my mobile constantly.


Thanks to all in advance.



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Re: Trouble having number ported

Quick update to this,


Had a further engineer out today.  Same again, made a call to the number porting department who said they would have it sorted by the end of today.


Guess it's a waiting game now.


Fingers crossed

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