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Re: Trouble with Flickr

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I haven't been on my flickr account since april 2013 and have obviously missed some vital information about changes to flickr log-in as I can't now access my account. When I type in my log-in details it takes me to BT homepage with no explanation why or how to rectify it. (I am with BT Broadband) I can still view my pictures from my facebook link but cannot perform any activity on the page. My son suggests I should change my browser to Google Chrome?? How do i do that and will it work? I'm so frustrated I will seriously consider deleting my account if I ever get into it again!!


ps have since found old e-mail telling me how to stay with flickr, telling me to create new yahoo ID. Does that mean create a new account? I can't see otherwise how I'm meant to do it! I thought I was pretty capable as a silversurfer but this whole process boggles the mind!!

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