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Re: Trouble with accessing certain websites.

^ Aren’t you the lucky one! Well for some of us it is blocked.

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Re: Trouble with accessing certain websites.

As explained, it isn't blocked, there is some other issue which has a similar effect for you and for some others.  I am not gloating, I am trying to be helpful here and get your issue resolved.  You are more likely to get it resolved if you stop moaning, try some of the suggested actions, and let us know how you get on.  Or, if you had already taken such actions, let people know so they can try to think of alternatives.

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Re: Trouble with accessing certain websites.

its not blocked cos people can access it
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Re: Trouble with accessing certain websites.

I can confirm a problem between MY BT total broadband connection and eletronic atrs update servers.


I have the following EA games for android, 

The Sims™ FreePlay
Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit
SPY mouse


Each of these requires "/Android/data" files which they download form EA's servers (the initial "executable applictions") come from google play (formerly android market).


A few months back these games would download / update their data without a problem, however recently they now wait permenantly on checking for updates, which appears to be a mandatory startup check for all EA Android games.


With the obvious exception of the sims freeplay, I have bought each of the above listed games.


Now I have quite a few Androids (I sell them....) , but the ones I personally own and game on are my phone (Samsung Galaxy S II (cyanogenmod 10)), my tablet  (Google/Asus Nexus 7 (Jellybean 4.2) and my "cheep'n'cheerfull PSP lookalike" (JXD S601 (stock 2.3, flashed with custom ICS)).


Now, each device has at least 2 of the above games installed on them , and suffers the same problem on our BT connection.  Game starts, starts checking for update, and remains on that screen till manually interrupted (including being left at it overnight)


Now I live on an island, no 3g here, however most would probably class me as security paranoid rather than security concious.  For this reason I have an account with private tunnel (Yeah, Im shamlessly using my referral code in the link, sue me).


So, long story short , when I activate my vpn tunnel, not only is all my devices traffic encrypted and secure, but to the external net it looks like my connection originates from San Jose, and not from a BT connection in Scotland.

Guess what?  All the EA games pass the update check in a blink of an eye when Im on the VPN.


(as im a cheapskate, and I pay per gb on the vpn, I fire up the game and after the update check, (if Im at home) I disable the vpn).


So based on this and on the other postings in this forum :-


Some BT useres have a problem connecting to EA services, and some do not.

Those that do have the probelm via BT dont appear to have it on 3G or virtual private network connections.



There is a subset of BT users who cannot reliably connect to EA.

There are BT users who can connect to EA.

Those who cannot , tend to be able to connect via alternte systems that identify from a different ip range (vpn/3g)



With regard to certain but not all BT IP ranges/ subnets, either they (the specific subnets) are not being correctly routed OR the EA servers are blocking those subnets.  (it is not unusual to block subnets that are abused, though this is more typical of a dodgy subnet fom a dodgy country, not a massive chunk of british telecom)


Up to now it has all been fact, now I will give my thoughts.

It is unlikly that BT use different routing rules for different customers, therefore it is most likley in my opinion that EA have blocked a certain subnet (very liklley in error) that BT uses, and we should contact EA support telling them our IP address and explaining it is from a random pool of IP adresses owned by British Telecom , the biggest internet provider in the UK.

You can get your IP adress from

Hopefully if they get enough people reporting the problem in an informed manner they can figure out which range they erroniously blocked and fix it.

Somone probably reversed a couple of digits when blocking a denial of service attack from a dodgy country or some such.



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Re: Trouble with accessing certain websites.

Rather interestingly, since making my last post, I have tried connecting to the same ea services from a friends house also on bt total broadband, same service, same telephone exchange, and I have no problems connecting from there without using the vpn....... It consistently works from there and fails from here.....
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Re: Trouble with accessing certain websites.

andy,I might be way out on this,but if it works from your friends house on his system,then it might be a problem with the way that you have your system set up.

But if you can connect at his/her place using your own laptop etc,then it looks like you might have a connection problem at your own place [wiring/wireless interference,maybe].?


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