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Troubleshooting BT Fon issues

Please see some tips below to help troubleshoot some common BT Fon issues:


Problem: I don’t get the login page or I’m unable to connect to the signal


Reasons why this may happen:


1. Possible BT Broadband issue on the broadband line.  You would see the error message: Limited or No Connectivity or Exclamation mark will appear.


Solution: BT FON signal has been affected by the Broadband connectivity issue, so broadband issue will need to be resolved to fix this.  Please raise your connection problem in the broadband board in the community. 


2. Broadband hub has cached IP addresses but you are getting an IP address beginning with 10 & the DNS details &


Solution: The Home Hub needs to be reset. Find details of how to reset the hub here The hub will turn itself off & back on & the BT FON & BT Openzone firmware will be removed. At this point you will need to opt out and then back in to Fon.  This can be done via


3. Device or Laptop has a static IP address or DNS details.


Solution: Change the configuration on the device or laptop to Obtain IP & DNS server addresses automatically.



Problem: I get the Login Page but I’m unable to Login


1. Customer is getting the login page but unable to login.


Solution: Check that BT Total Broadband is selected from the service provider menu.


Solution: Check that the email address is being used.  Please note that only the 1st part of the email address is required. The is not required.  Eg.  If your email address is you only need to enter firstname.lastname as your username.


2. Possible email password authentication issue.


Solution: Go to and click on the Forgot Password link for a reset.  Once the reset has gone through go to this link and try logging in. The full email address must be entered. If you can login here ok, you should be able to access at a hotspot ok as this page uses the same login authentication process.


If you are still having issues with Fon you can post your query in the board here and other community members can offer help and advice, or for further help with Fon troubleshooting click here.


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