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Trying to cancel my BT account and they're making it impossible!

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Hey everyone, 

So I am trying to cancel my BT account and the staff are making it really difficult for me to do so. I called yesterday at 10am asking to cancel. They told me that they couldn't do it because I still had an open order on my account. This order was from when I moved house back in April and the internet is all set up and working. The order just never closed for some reason. 

The person I spoke to yesterday said that it would take up to 24 hours for the order to be closed and when it was, they'd text me and I could call back and cancel my account. 

It is now almost 12pm the next day and I have yet to receive a text. So I just called them again just now to ask what was going on with that open order and insisted that I needed to cancel my account. They told me that they had yet to close the order and again, I was told that I needed to wait for this before cancelling my account. But this time I was told that the wait time for the order cancellation was up to 48 hours before I can even start the account cancellation.

I just want to cancel my account and really don't have time to deal with this. Is this some kind of trick BT are playing? I don't understand why the order can't be closed quickly and why it needs to get sent to their 'back office' for it to be closed properly. And why does it matter if there's an open order on my account anyway? I should just be able to cancel if I want to, right? Can anyone help me figure out another way to cancel or proceed?

I'm considering just cancelling my direct debit with them and letting them chase me when they try to bill me again. Is this silly? I am in the midst of moving house and applying for a new visa and I don't have time to keep chasing up BT. 

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Trying to cancel my BT account and they're making it impossible!

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it's a problem with BT systems that an open order nees to be completed before any other action takes place  I would not cancel your DD as it could if things go wrong end up with bad credit record

I have asked mods to see if they can help you with billing dept  they will post here

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Re: Trying to cancel my BT account and they're making it impossible!

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Hi @meghemmings sorry you have not been able to get your services cancelled when you called.

An open order will prevent any further action on your account and I would expect that as the order is from April it was being kept open by an non service affecting order line. These usually can take up to 48 hrs to fix once reported. 

Do you have access to your online account? If so after the 48 hrs has passed please login and check if it is showing any open orders. If it still shows an open order post back and we will be happy to help with the order closure. You will still need to call to close your account as we cannot arrange that for you. 


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