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Trying to get a fibre unlimited package phone or online - confused.

Have tried  many times to get a fibre unlimited faster broadband with anytime calls. When I try online it starts off OK but at the end it either telss me that fibre is not available on my area or gives me a faster fibre package + calls at £46 a month which seems a lot for 5 Mbps. Anyway there is fibre to the cabinet and it's a couple of miles of copper to my place. I thought that if you order online it would be cheaper and attract the odd bonus. If phone/speak to someone the price is a couple of quid cheaper and they throw in BT TV, sports and so on which I am not too bother about. Most of the time I try to order online it says standard bb available up to 2.75Mbps and the price is £33 per month. I am getting about 1Mbps with Plusnet at the moment. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can put this to bed. Thanks.

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Re: Trying to get a fibre unlimited package phone or online - confused.

if existing BT customer can you enter your phone number and post results


if not bt customer then use address instead

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