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Trying to get an incorrect bill sorted out but getting nowhere!

I moved my broadband and phone from BT but left the TV. The final bill refunded me for the period that I had paid for in advance, and then charged me in advance for the following month.  This resulted in BT collecting over double the amount they should have.  Over the last few weeks I have queued for hours, been hung up on, had to deal with a very rude individual who makes promises to take responsbility and phone back and then does not.  I have been told that the bill is correct, incorrect, has cancellation charges, does not have cancellation charges, has been affected by a technical glitch, will automatically sort itself out but nobody can tell me how much (I have been quoted various amounts) and then promised it will be escalated and given a timescale for a call back (usually a minimum of 5 days) but nobody calls.  I have been dealing with a man called Ricky who has done nothing to help, and does not listen to what you have to say.  He talks over you and does not seem to understand what the problem is.   The frustration is unbelievable and I have asked numerous times for a deadlock letter so that I can go to the ombudsman and have a third party sort it out but they have refused this, and any form of compensation for all the errors and poor service.  He told me that if I want to speak to somebody then I have to take my turn and wait and that 30 minutes per call queue time is just the way it is plus as there is a live complaint on the system then I have to wait for a call back.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can move this forward?  I have never experienced service like this in my life and I need my money back!  The last call was promised for between 1-3 yesterday by a manager taking over from "Ricky" but this did not materialise.

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Re: Trying to get an incorrect bill sorted out but getting nowhere!

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Trying to get an incorrect bill sorted out but getting nowhere!

Hi @JeannieW1234 I'm sorry that you were not called back by the manager yesterday. 


Your complaint has to follow our complaints escalation process and if you send us your details we will ensure that your complaint is moving forward. 


You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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