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Two BT IDs



      I had a BT Broadband account at an old flat a few years back, with a BT ID and E-mail address. I moved in with my fiancee who already had BT Broadband so closed my account.


I continued to use my E-mail address and still do, it never stopped working after closing my account - however it's not my primary address.


Skip to about 10 days ago, Three say they're raising their prices so I leave and sign up to BT Mobile £20 a month for 20GB data and unlimited everything else (bit miffed that I logged on to Facebook this morning and was bombarded with ads for the same package for £16 a month - but that's another issue and I signed up to what I signed up to, still a good deal).


I signed up to BT Mobile with my primary address - so it created a new BT ID with that. So now I have two.


Is it possible to either merge the IDs so that I only have one, which I log onto with my current primary address?

Or just as good - to delete the old one that I logged onto with my address. I know it's inactive and technically not really a problem, but I just don't like having it still there, just in case.

At the same time, is it possible to link my E-mail address to my current BT ID so that if I log on to my active ID and click 'mail', it goes to that inbox?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Two BT IDs

Hi @Pipefish,


Thanks for posting. I'm sure we can tidy things up for you. Can you please drop me an email with the details? You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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