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Two BT Phone lines

Hi.  I have two BT phone lines in my house and would prefer to drop to one.  Line A is for calls only and is not broadband enabled.  It is, however, the number I would wish to keep after 25 years of having it.  Line B is also long-standing and was initially (25 + years ago) installed as a dedicated alarm line that is blocked for incoming calls.  When the internet was launched it was used for dial up connections but is now broadband enabled.  The master phone sockets are in different locations but it is possible that the lines come into the house at the same point

Ideally I would like to have the one line that is broadband enabled and works in addition to calls and for the alarm communication but with the number that is currently allocated to the calls only line.  That would mean switching the broadband over

keen to hear suggestions and options


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Re: Two BT Phone lines


Do you pay BT Retail for both phone lines?

Bear in mind that analogue copper phone lines are being discontinued, so any changes you make, are likely to result in your phone connection being routed over broadband.

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Re: Two BT Phone lines

yes - both personal accounts with BT.  Broadband re-directed to the line that is currently calls only would be better in terms of the location of the master socket.  The only reason the broadband is on the other line is a legacy from dial up days so that being on line did not tie up the phone line 

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Re: Two BT Phone lines

Not sure of your best options, but its possible another forum member may be able to suggest a way forward. The problem I see, is the alarm line which has broadband on it, will most likely be moved onto BT Digital Voice, once you make any changes.

That would mean that it would have to be connected to the socket on the back of the BT Smart Hub 2.

You could ask for an internal shift, if you want the line termination points moved.


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