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Two Phone Numbers Neither Working - 2 Months Since Joining

We switched from Virgin Media in September of this year with a broadband and telephone line package. We had the broadband and telephone successfully installed but wanted to keep our old telephone number that we have had for 30 years...then the problems began. The Broadband. Fine. Never had a problem with it even today.


We were - quite understandably - given a temporary phone number by BT in the transition. We were informed that it wouldn't be long before our old number was connected. 2 months, several 'temporary' phone numbers, and countless telephone calls to BT later and I am about to blow a gasket. On Tuesday of this week we were told that we would have the old number back soon. However our telephone has now completely stopped working. Kerput. Nothing. We have tried everything. Using a different handset. Connecting our existing handsets to lines that definitely work. No problems. It is the line. Totally dead. We cannot receive any calls, nor make any calls. To add further salt into the wound I have today discovered that I have been charged TWICE in the same month for the same calls, on two seperate temporary numbers. So ONE phone call that cost £3 has been charged once on one number, and then the exact same call £3 on the bill for our other number! How can this be?


We didn't even want all these temporary numbers. We simply wanted our old number back. Now we have absolutely nothing. The latest incarnation of our telephone number is registering as 'no fault' online. How can this be!? It isn't working. It's as clear as daylight that our receiver is fine and that it is the line that has the problem. We have made no changes or tinkerings with our boxes since we last used the phone on Tuesday. How can it break overnight? Our old phone number that BT has promised to restore isn't even registering as a valid number when you search for a fault.


I am now having to make private calls via a mobile phone. Are BT going to reimburse me for this money? No of course not. Nobody can get hold of us as our number is shifting constantly, causing us to miss out on highly important calls given that I have a severely disabled brother. Is this customer service!? I am absolutely sick to my teeth with BT. I want someone to sort this shambles out. I am tired of chasing around on the mobile telephone to resolve this. BT have had two months to sort this out and there seems to be no end in sight. I'm quite happy to sing from the roof tops about this because I'm sick and tired of it all. I want my old number back and a working telephone line.

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Re: Two Phone Numbers Neither Working - 2 Months Since Joining

Hi xixsmith,


Welcome to the forum. I am very sorry to hear of the problems you're having with your phone line.


If you can send in your details (including your forum username and BT account number) to the email address registered against my profile I'll check your account and get back to you about this.





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Re: Two Phone Numbers Neither Working - 2 Months Since Joining

Well what an absolute shambles. BT are still insisting there is nothing wrong with my line so I am now paying for a service I am not receiving. I'll be joining Scoobz in contacting Watchdog. I'll also be contacting Ofcom with a full briefing of my complaint alongside a number of the Sunday newspaper personal finance sections. A total disgrace.

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Re: Two Phone Numbers Neither Working - 2 Months Since Joining

I'm going to keep on posting in everyday outlining your disgraceful service here until someone responds. I have now e-mailed BT twice regarding this issue and have received no reply whatsoever. I want this service cancelled. Our internet connection has now dropped to the pathetic level where I cannot even upload a PDF document to my e-mails. We have now been given our FIFTH temporary telephone number. Great. Because the phone line doesn't even work. SORT IT OUT

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Re: Two Phone Numbers Neither Working - 2 Months Since Joining

Just come onto the site and noticed this blog from a year ago.


I am having untold trouble with BT trying to get a telephone installed.  Having moved I let BT know in early December and ordered the line and told them I wanted to take my number with me.  On checking progress I found that twice the order had been cancelled by persons unknown.  I would not have known this had I not checked.  The order was finally reinstated at the end of December and I was given an estimated installation date of 24 January for phone and broadband.  BT agreed to disconnect my old line on 24 January as well so that I would have service until then at my old property to which I still have access and to carry my broadband which was from another provider, O2.  On 14 January I discovered that the line had been terminated and I could not make any further calls. Shortly after my broadband provider called me to say that they would keep the broadband for a short while pending reinstatement of the line.  BT did this too late and so I lost the broadband connection.  They said they would give me a temporary number but again that was too late for O2 (an excellent provider incidentally).


We have to use our mobile phones in an area where the signal is very bad and this is proving to be costing us a fortune.  My husband took a day off work to be present for the supposed installation on 24 January which did not happen and on 24 January we were told it would be 22 February.  We will have waited two and a half months.  If we had known we would have gone with another provider but BT purported to be able to do it by a certain time.


During the period end December to 24 January we made no end of calls to BT tryng to get them to install the service and they told us that there was a problem with the line, then a story about the engineers and the fact that Openreach were a different company.  This is rubbish they are all the same company just a subsidiary.  Nearly every day a member of the Home Care Priority Team called but just basically to say sorry - this word needs to be wiped from their vocabulary as BT do not know what it means.  We were at one point offered £10 compensation - what an insult.  We were provided after asking with the use of BT Openzone for five days but that finished early when the password would no longer work.  We were then told to purchase a dongle which they would pay for which is fine except as the signal is not very good here the service can be spasmodic and extremely slow.


We also have elderly relatives and not having a fixed line could have dire consequences for us if they are unable to contact us in time.


When my father moved they said they would contact me three weeks after my call to arrange a new connection for him.  Sadly he died before this could be done but in any event no-one ever called me.


What is wrong with BT?  They need a jolly good shakeup from their governing body and ordered to provide a proper service to consumers.  I want action not words, and certainly not the sorry word.  All I want is a fixed line and broadband which is what they are there to provide but seemingly too incompetent to carry out.



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Re: Two Phone Numbers Neither Working - 2 Months Since Joining

Hi sizzling


Firstly, sorry for your loss.


Sounds like you have had a very difficult time with this and I will be happy to get involved and set things right.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send to the email address in my profile and mark FAO Craig please.





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