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Two Questions - Speeds and McAfee

Hi guys,


This looks a pretty helpful forum.


1. So I have 0.3MB speeds at the moment, when I was told "about 4MB". Now admittedly I am in day two of the ten day stabilisation process, but after a number of bad experiences with BT (not too sure why I'm back!!) I just don't believe that will happen. My phone line sounds a bit noisy (could be the phone).


Question one then, can my broadband speed REALLY rocket from 0.3MB to 4MB in the next ten days!? Or are they talking nonsense. I get the impression that any hub resets etc would be an unwise idea.


2. I've moved, I spent a couple of months not with BT, and I have the McAfee stuff - but it seems that the McAfee software can't realise that I am back with BT - so it says that the registery files are 30 days out of date and that my computer is not fully protected - do I HAVE to reinstall it - or is there a way round it? The man on the 0800 line said to click update, but this didn't solve the problem. Obviously reinstalling on a 0.3MB connection is not a winner...!


Many thanks,



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Re: Two Questions - Speeds and McAfee

You can see an improvement after the 10 days because what the exchange is doing is testing your line to see what it can do to create a stable fast connection. BT are unlikely to do anything until these 10 days are up so it would be hard to tell if it is likely to get better or not. One thing you could do is post your router stats here so we can see them, they can often point to potential speed restrictors.


As for Mcafee i've never used it and never will as I've always found it to be pretty diabolical. If the update button isnt working then you probably will need to reinstall it. Do you not have a disk for it or the setup file you downloaded previously for it? Failing that you might need to just do it over night some time...

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