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Two Routers

I've upgraded my broadband to infinity - which is much better. My issue is that the hub could not be fitted in the original place and the engineer re-routed the wiring outside to a different location in the house. My problem is that I have security cameras which were hard wired close to the old router. I don't really want to go to the expense of having the cameras re-wired. My question is: Can I re-install my old router (which won't have fibre) to run in conjunction with the new hub which is fibre? I can't connect the two hubs with an ethernet. Hope all that makes sense

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Re: Two Routers

No, you can't connect 2 routers to one phone line.

You could use your old router as a wireless access point/Ethernet switch but you would need to connect the 2 together via Ethernet

Not entirely sure why your new router had to be relocated unless you now have FTTP rather than a copper line.

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Re: Two Routers

Thank you for responding, you've confirmed what I thought.  I have upgraded from copper to Fibre hence the move.

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