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Two entries for XBOX One on Smart Hub address table? Also gaming connection problems :)


Just wondering why there is two entries for my XBox on the address table on Smart Hub? I have set my wired connection on XBOX to a static IP address and set it outside of the DHCP range  (using a powerlink adapter for a wired connection) .  The entries below have the same MAC address. Why is there a DHCP address? Does the Xbox connect wirelessly even if its on a wired connection? 



I've been having trouble lately gaming over BT hub.  Its been fine for months but recently it has become unstable. The connection will drop intermittently 6 or 7 times a day or there will be such severe lag as to make  games unplayable.  I havent been able to diagnose from looking at the technical log of the Smart Hub. (Not that tecchy)  Could this be due to the increase in traffic recently due to lockdown? Can anyone point me in the direction of a website that shows current work/problems on telecomms lines? Also is there any website or service to show how subscribed/over-subscribed the exchange you are connected to is?  I live in Haringey area of London. 

Sorry for the amount of questions, Any help much appreciated




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