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Two lans from Infinity Router

Am looking to have 2 lans with the bt infinity setup but am having issues with the lan using a non bt hub.


Have the following setup.


1. BT white wall mounted Router / Modem. 

2. Lan port 1 of the white router / modem goes to a netgear switch (switch required as lan port 2 is disabled on the bt router / modem)

3. The netgear switch goes to 2 lans. A. the bt home hub and B. TP-LINK hub


The first lan using the home hub works fine. The second lan using the TP-LINK hub has no connection. If I take the home hub and use it to replace the TP-LINK hub then lan 2 works fine. So I know the white bt router / moden workes correctly, the switch works correctly, all cabling works correctly for both lans.


I thought there was a possibility that the t white router / modem might only support 1 lan at a time rather than the TP-LINK being the issue, but even with the bt home hub removed from lan 1 and lan 2 with the TB-LINK used to replace it still no joy. 


I am assuming itherefore the only issue left will be to do with a non bt bit of hardware, the TP-LINK, being added to the bt setup.


Any idea what I need to do to get this all working? If this won't work what router / modem can I use to replace the white bt router / moden and does anyone know what setting should be used?



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Re: Two lans from Infinity Router

Not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve and how you have everything connected, but you can't connect the WAN port of 2 devices (via a switch) to the LAN1 port of the modem.

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Re: Two lans from Infinity Router

It probably won't work.  The Infinity line should use PPPoE (point-to-point protocol over Ethernet).  That assumes one computer or router talking to the cabinet.

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Re: Two lans from Infinity Router

Only one router can provide authentication and NAT (Network Address Translation).


You can of course run a number of devices off the LAN side of that router, and add Ethernet switches as well. Putting an Ethernet switch before the router is not going to achieve anything.


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Re: Two lans from Infinity Router

You need to brush up on your networking knowledge. The BT Openreach Modem is configured as a bridge that converts VDSL2+ to ethernet. It does no routing so you cannot connect two devices to it.


You need to be more specific on what you mean by multiple 'LANs' (multple subnets, more ports?) and you're quite vague on what the TP-Link device is. Is it a switch or router? I doubt it's a hub as you describe. If you just want more ports and the TP-Link device is a switch then connect the TP-LINK to one of the Home hub ports and do away with the Openreach Modem like so:




    HH5--------(Devices Ports 2-4)


    TPL---------(Devices All ports)

This will place all connected devices on the same subnet and the HH5 will performing the NATing to the internet. If you want your devices on different subnets then you'll need a proper router capable of it - something with DD-WRT on, perhaps?

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