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Two questions

1. What causes power line adapters to become unpaired? This just happened to me with my new pair of the black ones causing much consternation to my Grandson. It would be nice to know so that I can give informed answers.


2. As the person who first raised the issue of the loss of the 30 sec ffwd jump is it possible here in the CL area to actually tell us what this is about so we can at least keep a lid on the protest discussion. I realise that the answer is commercially sensitive hence the vague replies 🙂


( any possibility of tweaking the form settings so that entries like this can be made via the iPad without having to use the HTML mode?

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Re: Two questions

Hey Stuart


I'll see what i can find out...


The info we posted is all that we have at the moment... and you are right to say that often answers are commercially sensitive and we are limited as to what we can say in a public forum...but i'll see if I can get any more...


Re: the iPad - ill take that back to the forum techies and let you know.



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