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Two seperate broadband roviders at the same address

I work from home and have aol broadband via a seperat phone number which i use for my work. I have tecently installed bt broadband via my home phone so my family can use there laptops via bt and not as previous on line access via my aol seervice. Can any one confirm if there are any known problems having two sepeate broadband providers in the same house and will performance be affected with these. Each is on its own seperste bt line and and aol is used solely for my pc and bt for 3 laptops via wifi.


I aslo wanted the fast bt connection possible but the max is 7-8 mb in my area. Its one month later bt installed their broadband but the max is 2mb is all i am getting. Why is this or am i naive and what bt say you are getting is actually much less and blame the problem on something in my house like my toaster interfearing with the speed so they dont do a thing please give me your advice if you have had a similar problem.  

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Re: Two seperate broadband roviders at the same address

Hi there should be no problems with two providers onsepertate lines there could however be some issues if both providers are using wireless connections in the same home eg both routers on the same or very close channel if one provider however is a wired connection to the pc then. No problems at all as to your BT line connection speed threads many variables that can affect that linelengt andquaility being the main ones to give us a chance to advise could you please post the full routerstats for the BT line and also run a BT speedtest At and post them. Back here then some one will beable to advise further
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Re: Two seperate broadband roviders at the same address

When I first joined BTBB i Had Virginmedia serivces for 2months anfterward and i didnt enocunter any problems at all, I was using wireless with both the HH and netgear router, therer was atleast 4-5 meters space between the HH and netgear router though 🙂 but i never had a problem 😉  


Kind Regards, Bert
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Re: Two seperate broadband roviders at the same address

I have two separate broadband providers in my house BT and A. N. Other.  You can have problems.

Firstly the layout of your cables, power supplies and wireless channels within your property need to be checked to ensure that they are not causing interference  with each other.  This is usually easy to do.


However in my case the interference was caused between my master sockets and the exchange. BT customer support said this could not happen and sent out an engineer who also said it could not happen.  I demonstrated to him that each router when operated with the other switched off had a higher sync rate than when they were operated together. Also that the one that was switched on first performed better than the one that was switched on afterwards. Fortunately he was convinced and after visits by two other engineers the problem was resolved by sorting out various connections in the lines to the street cabinet and the cabinet itself. I now have both lines working reasonably satisfactorily.


 Basically you need to gather some information on how the routers perform on their own and then what happens when you switch the other on.  If you find a problem I would recommend that you get your BT Broadband sorted out first before complaining to your other ISP (if necessary) because I had no joy trying to get my two ISPs to cooperate as they would not accept initially that this type of problem can happen.

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