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UFC on BT Sports app

Hi all,


I was wondering whether anyone is able to help with regard to the UFC service that we get through the BT Sports app, and whether anyone else's experience matches mine!


1 - The uploading schedule seems to be seriously haphazard. There is no indication as to when events are going to be uploaded. Some are uploaded almost straight away, some after a few days and others, such as the UFC Fight Night Halifax event, we are still waiting for even though it was on a fortnight ago. This makes it impossible to plan to put time aside to watch the events.


2 - Given that the vast majority of events are in America, they are broadcast live at unsociable hours. Thought really should be given to making the app service as spoiler free as possible as its likely that most UK residents havent seen the event that they go to the app for. The UFC app homepage should contain nothing but the UFC logo or something like that. If you want spoilers then go to the News tab, if you would like to watch the whole event without having it given away, go to 'Full Fight Replays'. I am a massive fan of the UFC and I cant remember the last time an event wasnt given away. The website is even worse. As soon as you click into it, I had the main event AND the co-main event of the last fight card spoiled. Thats's just a really poor service.


3 - Can the 'full fight replays' just be kept to the full card? If you want individual events then put them on a seperate tab. Individual fights cleaved from the full event further adds to the spoilers. For example, if you go to 'full fight replays' right now, only the main event has been uploaded from the last full event, and you cannot avoid seeing that it goes on for 19mins. That effectively gives away when it ends. Why would you even just upload the main event when it is surely no more effort to just upload the full thing anyway?


4 - BT seem to have taken the recent decision to upload the prelims from the numbered events to the app. Great! Could they also upload the prelims from the Fight Nights? I dont really understand why all the UFC content shown on the channels isnt uploaded to the app as a matter of course?


In summation, the fan/customer experience would be significantly improved with what seems like a modicum of effort around the design of the app and a bit more structure around when events are uploaded. It is disappointing to be a huge fan of the UFC, and yet within seconds of just checking if they have uploaded the latest event (they havent), I now know who won the main event, how long it goes on for, who won the co-main event and the means by which he did so. I cant even watch the fight card yet!


Please BT, improve the service 🙂





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