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UHD picture quality



I've had my Ultra box for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with it. It is connected to a Samsung 43" KU6510 6 Series Curved White UHD Crystal Colour HDR Smart TV.


The upscaling of 1080p is absolutely stunning, better than I ever imagined, but if I want to watch the 4K BT Sports channel actual outputting a 4K programme i.e today's Bournemouth v Chelsea game and change the box output to UHD 50fps 8bit or 10bit (but I don't believe my TV supports 10) the picture is excellent but marginal inferior to the 1080p upscale.


My HDMI lead, both the one that came with the box and a hi-speed lead purchased separately have been connected to the correct HDMI input socket, input 1. The tv confirms when I have changed the resolution of the box and shows UHD 3840 × 2160 50p HDMI UHD COLOUR. On changing the box back to 1080p the tv confirms HD 1920x1080 50p HDMI UHD COLOUR. The HDMI UHD COLOUR just means it is turned on for HDMI 1. The Sky HD picture is as equally impressive connected to HDMI 2 this shows HD 1920x1080 50p as HDMI UHD COLOUR isn't supported.


This isn't really a problem as I don't watch too much sport anyway, just a query as to why the upscaled picture is slightly better.



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Re: UHD picture quality

Something definately wrong with your set up, BOUCHE in UHD was stunning, too much so really as the pitch reflecting the bright sunshine was micro-strobing across the screen. 


Go to the Player and watch some of the UHD version of the Marquez documentary, that was stunningly beautiful to watch in that format. Report back once you've done. 



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Re: UHD picture quality

Hi Steve, thank you for your response. I've downloaded both the HD & 4K Marquez and viewed both. I could not see any real difference. It's not that the 4K is bad, more that I cannot believe how brilliant the HD upscale is.


I brought my old Samsung 40" HD back in and ran it side by side. The feed for my old set was Sky HD and Youview for my new TV with the box set to 1080p so the picture would be compatible. The difference was amazing, the new t.v. picture being so far superior compared to the old, and I thought that was excellent.


I checked my set up from the link below just in case I had made a simple error but I hadn't.


I have also enclosed some pictures to show both HD & 4K together with picture first then input information.


AsI say it's not that I am unhappy with the 4K picture.






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Re: UHD picture quality

@Syrup47With a 43" screen you probably won't see the bigger benefit native UHD will give as opposed to upscaled 1080P. The bigger the set the larger the difference the upscaling makes. The more screen size that has to be covered by 'made up' pixels the more the native vs upscaled will be noticable.

Also if you are outputting 1080P from the box and letting your TV upscale it will do a better job than the box (as it is tailored to the screen), if you output at 4K from the box on a 1080P source do you notice a lesser quality on the upscale (obviously now performed by the box).

There are also many options in the picture set-up that again could be tailored to the TV upscaling as opposed to what the box outputs. The native 4K picture should be at least as good but possibly hardly noticable and again picture quality (or what is percieved) is very personal.

It is very hard to judge a still picture but again the helmet in the tiny shot showing the resolution does look slightly better in the UHD shot (to me) than the first (as does the writing on the windscreen), the large overall picture is quite hard to judge as they are not exact frames.

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Re: UHD picture quality

Thank you scointer for your input. As I have said I an certainly not at all disappointed with the 4K picture I think it's brilliant, it's more that I am surprised just how good the 1080 upscale was.


I have read as you stated that unless you have a 50" at least you won't get the full benefit of UHD. I also read, although not in my manual that when you switch the t.v.'s HDMI UHD setting on in the menu, the HDMI source lead shouldn't be connected, this should only be done once the setting has been set and the t,v, resets itself. I did this today and perhaps the 4K was marginally better or perhaps it was my imagination.


As I am not dissatisfied with anything I think it's time to call it a day. Without keep repeating myself I just cannot believe how great the upscaling is.


Thanks again



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Re: UHD picture quality

Im Fustrated with my Samsung TV Curved 6700, as only HDMI one will allow you to turn on UHD colour !!!the other 3 are greyed out

Presume cost cutting 

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