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UPDATED 25/11 - New software update rolling out to YouView from BT Customers

New software update rolling out to YouView from BT Customers


A new software update is being rolled out to YouView Humax boxes for BT customers. This will be a phased roll-out managed by BT so some of you will get it today/tonight and the rest of you will get it in due course. You will receive this update automatically and all you need to do is leave your box on standby overnight.


The update has 2 main features:


1)      You will be able to record programmes on internet channels- in the same way as recording programmes delivered through the aerial.


2)      You can now pause an internet channel as well as skip backwards and forwards:


  • Pressing either of these img1.jpgbuttons on the remote control whilst watching an internet channel will skip the channel forward rather than fast forwarding with a moving picture.
  • Pressing either of these img2.jpg  buttons on the remote control whilst watching an internet channel will skip the channel back rather than rewinding with a moving picture.


This applies to all BT Extra TV channels which can be found in the guide from channel 400 onwards and which have 3 dots under the channel number.





When recording an internet channel there are a few things to please keep in mind:


1. You will be able to record a programme on an Internet channel if it does not clash with existing scheduled recordings. A clash may occur if 2 other recordings are scheduled at the same time as the programme you wish to record. If there is a clash with the programme you will be given the option to delete the existing scheduled recording to resolve the clash.






 2. If you try to playback a recording on an Internet Channel that you no longer subscribe to, you will be prompted to set up the channel again.





3. You will be able to watch or record 2 channels at the same time, regardless of whether they are internet channels or broadcast channels. You can also still watch On Demand programmes if you are recording 2 channels.



4. There is a possibility On Demand playback may be affected by internet line speed whilst an internet channel is recording. A notification will appear on screen to advise you of this.






5. If you attempt to record a programme on an internet channel which has not been set up, you will be prompted to set up the channel first.






You can check if you have the latest version of YouView software by pressing the YouView button on your remote control (Add blue icon), navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘System Information’ > ‘Software Versions’.

For those boxes that have already received the update you will see the following:

Manufacturer Software: 15.11.0
Component Software: 2.1.14
Platform configuration: 712
ISP Configuration: (varies by ISP)

If your box displays different software versions, please be patient as this is a phased rollout and only available on YouView from BT. If you bought your YouView box on the high street or another company, you will receive this update in due course.


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Re: New software update rolling out to YouView from BT Customers- UPDATED 25/11


Good news!


We’re rolling out the latest version of the YouView software this afternoon to all BT customers who don’t have it yet. To pick up the upgrade automatically, make sure you leave your YouView box on standby overnight and that your BT Home Hub is switched on.  If you don’t have the new features tomorrow, you can manually check for updates by following the instructions Software Update

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