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Ive been reading up on many post regarding connecting hardrives to the HH3. I have tried various methods and still no joy.

I know the subject has been mentioned several times on here however they mainly base the setup around windows OS.


This is my setup:



Porsche Design 2TB Lacie External Hardrive - Formatted to ntfs

Apple MacBook Pro.


Ok , So i have connected the hardrive to the HH3 via the USB. This shows up in the Hubs homescreen and gives the option to safely disconnect.


Via my Mac Book, I select 'GO'>"Connect To Server' and i can see the HH3 in the list of options. i select the HH3 and it brings up the Lacie Hardrive Folder. When you click the folder or try to make alias it spits back a message saying 'Cannot access because original file does not exist.'


Ok , so yes i have read that you have to convert the format of the hardrive to FAT32 however , that does not support large files or hardrives and is mainly found on small flash drives.correctme if am wrong as i am only going off what ive read. The other issue is that even trying to convert to FAT32, this option is not available on the Mac or for that hardrive. I only have the option for exFAT which i have no idea what that is , or if its correct.


I have read that some users have successfully setup their hardrives in the ntfs format, so where im i going wrong. i have also found that windows os and mac os can both read and writes to ntfs format however FAT32 mac os can only read not write which wont be suitable for the setup i want. and Apple Journal format is the same scenario for windows os.


I have connected the Lacie Hardrive directly to my Mac and have no issue using its function what soever in anyway. seems that it doesnt recognise it over the network via the hub.

So has anybody got any idea in which direction i should turn.


My summary is this , off reading multiple forums NTFS format can work on the HH3. but my Mac cannot or finds it difficult to connect to it. 


Main questions are:


Which format should i been using (considering im using a MAC)?

Is the my Hardrive the correct one?

Can i use the NTFS format over the network?

Should i consider using a different router? ( I have BT infinity) if so which one?

Should i buy a apple airport express?


sorry for the waffle but really stuck and would appreciate some help




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