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Unable connect Bush TV

I have in the past few weeks switched from EE to EE Broadband. Since the change I am unable to connect my Bush TV's.

The WiFi signal in the room is fine, the kids tablets work in there fine.

I have tried the common troubleshooting tips; 

Turning off 5ghz, turning off smart set up, restoring factory settings... I have had multiple conversations with BT on the telephone who have now also given up on possible solutions.


As far as I'm aware EE and BT use the same network so I can't see what has changed, other than the company name on my Direct Debit...


Any further advice on the above would be much appreciated! I've been told I cannot now leave BT without paying a fee, and the kids only got their TV for Christmas last year so would rather not have to replace them just yet!


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Re: Unable connect Bush TV

First of all make sure you turned off  Smart Setup again after a factory reset of the router.

Do you actually see the BT wifi SSID on the TV? Are you able to delete any stored wifi networks on the TV, if so delete them and try setting up again.

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