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Unable to CANCEL fault report

My elderly parents' home phone was not ringing for a few days (outgoing calls were OK). They filed a fault report and were waiting for an engineer's visit.


When I heard about this I remembered that I'd recently fitted a new microfilter between the socket and the phone (to prevent noise from the ADSL modem). I suspected the filter was causing the problem so I arranged for a neighbour to visit them, explain the situation and remove the filter. After this the line returned to normal (I am currently overseas so couldn't help them myself).


My parents called the engineers (via the operator as they didn't know the number) and were forced to wait for a very long time while the "operative" on the other end tried to find their fault report. After a very long time, they hang up the phone (keeping pensioners waiting like this is NOT acceptable).


I had to become a member of my BT in order to cancel ths fault report. I obtained my parent's account number and spent at least 2 hours going through the BT site but have NOT BEEN ABLE to cancel the fault report as yet. Even rescheduling the engineer's visit causes a "technical error".


What is this service so BAD? In this day and age BT make it soooooooo difficult for us to carry out such a simple task. I'm not cancelling my line rental, but if this matter is not solved within 24 hours of this message being written I WILL CANCEL ALL BT SERVICES.

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Re: Unable to CANCEL fault report

Hi @aseyles and welcome.


I'm sorry you're having so many problems cancelling the engineer visit. It certainly shouldn't be so difficult. I can sort this out for you. Can you please drop me over an email with the details, including the fault reference if you have it. You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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