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Unable to Record since software updates


Our Youview box (Humax DTRT2100) stopped forward recording TV programmes after recent updates, was working ok until then.

We can record on the day but get failed recordings for future scheduled recordings.

We have noticed similar issues reported on the community with possible fixes, but no luck.

Similar threads state that a factory reset is the way to cure it, but I only really want to use that as a last resort so we don't lose the recorded programmes.

Manufacturer software 29.58.0.
88% free space.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Unable to Record since software updates

Well if you read this excellent post on the Youview community

you will see there are a variety of optons to try an address  odd behaviour with your Youview box.

There is also a thread on this community about  a recent issue with failed recordings.

posts 135 and other posts by the BT Tv Expert are worth  reading. 

In your circumstances  I would be be inclined to  delete all the scheduled future recordings that you have visible  in your future schedule recordings list   AND do a maintenance mode type 4 ( keeping recordings) reset.

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