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Unable to access bt mail from Android phone or pc using windows mail

Hi, this used to happen occasionally but now has two days in a row.  I try to log into my bt internet mail from my phone and it fails saying 'verify password, username' etc.  I haven't changed anything.  My pc is doing the same using windows mail.  If I leave if for a while (sometimes overnight).  It fixes itself and starts working again.  This morning the problem is back and neither device will access mail.  I can access using the bt web page.  I called BT customer service yesterday but they are unable to help.

Doesn't make sense as haven't changed anything and both phone & pc unable to access.

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Re: Unable to access bt mail from Android phone or pc using windows mail

Are you a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email with a BT Premium email account?

If you are either of the above it is probably a BT server problem. The best advice when it happens is to do nothing, especially do not change passwords or delete the account from your devices as that can cause more problems than it solves.

The first thing to do when it happens is what you have already done and that is to check to see if you can log on to your email account via a web browser. If you can there is obviously nothing wrong with your password or account hence the advice to do nothing.

As you have found in the past, the problem usually resolves its self in a day or two.

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Re: Unable to access bt mail from Android phone or pc using windows mail

Hi and many thanks for the reply.  Looks like I'm going to have to change my email provider as the service is becoming very unreliable and I need access to emails.  Still not working today - unimpressed with BT.  I pay for a home and business account and not cheap!

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Re: Unable to access bt mail from Android phone or pc using windows mail

If the problem did not/does not resolve its self after a day or two or where you have deleted the email account from your device you should stop all your devices from checking for email. The easiest way of doing that is to turn them off if you still have the account on your device or add a couple of characters to the email address so that it is not checking your account. If you have deleted the account and it is no longer on your device do not try and add it at this time.

Once you have done that, change your email password and check that you can access your email via webmail (on a browser).

If that works you should wait at least an hour to allow the servers to sync and then add the new password to your device, remembering to remove any characters you may have added and again check it works. If it does then move onto the next device if you have one.

When entering the settings, make sure that in the Outgoing server you do not use the "use same as incoming" for the email address and password. Enter them manually.

When setting up the email account on your device you are best to set it up manually, using "other" and ensure that you are using the correct settings as per this link.

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