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Unable to access email?

I have been having issues trying to access my email, following my account being blocked. The reason for the block was too many incorrect attempts of my password..


I have been in contact with the helpdesk, who assured me that they can see my emails from their side, but each time I try to log in to my account, I get the error message :


' Selected Account BT Mail is unavailable '


I was asked to change my password, which I did and it seems to log me in, however NO EMAILS!!! Irrelevant of what browser I use to access the account ( I was told I was using the wrong one?? ) I get the same error message. I can see my contacts, but no email. This is becoming infuriating as I have emails that I require that are very important!!!


Can this be looked at as soon as possible please!


I have never had issues with this type of thing before, and do not understand where my emails have gone! At this time of year, this is very infurating with christmas purchases and such like to keep tabs on!!

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Re: Unable to access email?

This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. Your post does not go to BT. The only BT staff are the forum moderators who do not necessarily read all the posts.


Are you on the the BTYahoo or BTMail system. If you are not sure see link how to check!-m...


If you are on the BTMail system have you tried getting into your email by logging onto MyBT then going to Manage Your Extras and then BTMail > Manage BT Mail


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Re: Unable to access email?

Thanks for the reply.. My email ends in and on checking, I am a BTMail customer. If I try to log in via Yahoo mail it says the account name is not recognised. I've tried logging in to MyBT through my phone and trying to access through that, but that throws up an error about the application not being able to contact the server.. I can access my account, so username and password is okay, but there seems to be an issue with retrieving my mail.. Back on to the web chat again I guess.. will reply back if I manage to get a resolution...
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Re: Unable to access email?


I have been unable to log into my bt emails since Saturday.  One of the moderators has picked up and has progressed my complaint after getting absolutely nowhere via the customer services overseas call centre.  At that time I was told it was only me having a problem but looking at the forum threads today it appears that it is not just me.  I can't even change passwords.  I am told it is a technical problem with platforms not talking to each other (whatever that means) and they can't give me a timescale for solution.  I can see there are other threads with a variety of similar problems.


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Re: Unable to access email?

I too am un able to access email. Thats for my main account and two sub accounts.

I normally do it via Outlook - that failled so I tied webmail - that failled also.

Attempted to reset password - did not seem to even recognise my email address.


I have not been notified of having been moved off Yahoo but will check.

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